Are you looking for values-centered connection in your relationships? Seattle hypnosis offers relationship counseling for couples and individuals who are seeking to create loving and healthy relationships. If you are looking to make positive changes in your relationships hypnosis can really help. A healthy relationship begins within you, learn hypnosis and how to use hypnosis and create healthy loving relationships.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I am continuing quote my friend Frankie Pérez from his article Re-Inventing Cupid.  Frankie says, “It seems that few people take the time to find out what complete set of inner qualities or values are important to them in a relationship.  Often it is easier to list external qualities than internal one.  You hear people saying:  “he must be tall”, “dark eyes”, “good body”, “drive nice car ”,“ make good money”, etc.  And while there isn’t anything wrong with having an external list of attributes we would prefer, external qualities are not enough to make up a relationship.  A relationship is built on inner qualities that won’t fade.  We must be clear about what values are important to us and seek out a partner that shares our relationship values.  It is this compatibility of values that foster the foundation for true connection and relatedness.  So before you find out what brand and model of car your next date drives, think of finding out how they like to spend their free time, what their idea of a romantic evening is, if they are kind, or honest, or compassionate, what they hold as sacred, or what they envision for the future of their ideal relationship.”

If you are ready to heal an existing relationship or are wanting to do your part in attracting a healthy relationship, then contact the Seattle hypnosis office of Roger Moore’s Counseling & Hypnotherapy LLC. Find out how you can make values-centered connections in your life by learning how to hypnotize yourself. Learn self-hypnosis and live by your values.

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I live by my values.

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