I am often asked which Veg MD should you believe? Dr. John McDougall? Dr. Neal Barnard? Dr. Dean Ornish? Dr. Joel Fuhrman? Dr. Esselstyn? Yes – they all have differences – but so what?! I really think that Jeff Novick his it right in this video. He says, “The problem is in the question. Why are we focusing on the differences? Why are we not focusing on the 98% of agreement.” To me, the differences show that people are thinking and stretching and growing. The center where these dietary leaders are in agreement is that we should be eating plant-based food. At Slender For Life™ we promote a plant strong diet. I am grateful to VegSource for making the Get Healthy Now DVD — RED Set available.

Which Veg Doctor Is Right — and Why You Shouldn’t Care

McDougall, Fuhrman, Ornish, Esselstyn, Barnard — and the rest.

Sure, they all agree that a healthy 100% plant-strong, or nearly-all plant-strong diet can reverse heart disease and work other miracles for your health.

But they don’t agree on everything, do they!

So which one is most “right?”

Here’s the VegSource answer: it’s the same as the answer to the question: which exercise is best?

Answer: The one you’ll do.

When looking at healthy plant-strong diets, the best one for you is the one that YOU will stick with. That’s our take.

Which Veg Doctor Is Right — and Why You Shouldn’t Care

Buy the Get Healthy Now DVD — RED Set

At  Slender For Life™ I will support  you in making healthy lifestyle changes. Personally, the teaching of Dr. John McDougall make the most sense to me. I have followed Dr. McDougall’s recommendations for almost 20 years. I have better health, I lost over 110 pounds and I have more energy. Do I agree with Dr. McDougall 100 percent? NO, of course not. But our differences are so minor to what we agree on. So, what is important? EAT A PLANT STRONG DIET!

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