Vegan 4th of July BBQ feast

It’s the end of June already and the 4th of July is just next week so these Vegan 4th of July BBQ feast recipes should give you some great ideas for your holiday celebration.

Have a safe, happy and healthy 4th of July. Enjoy special foods, but stop eating when you have enough fuel in your body. And, remember, your health is far more important that the traditional Standard American Diet holiday foods that only make you fat and sick.

The 4th of July is about liberty so liberate your self from obesity and disease.

Vegan 4th of July BBQ feast is the latest edition to the Slender For Life™ Recipe Library.

Vegan 4th of July BBQ feast

The Slender For Life™ Recipe Library has access to more than 45,000 free scrumptious recipes just waiting for you!

Vegan 4th of July BBQ feast

From Exceedingly Vegan: “Happy BBQ! This selection of recipes is a collection of everything you need for your successful 4th of July party or any summer party! Burgers, coleslaw, pizza, salads, cake and even sausages and ice cream. Perfect for vegans and carnivores alike and easy to make.”

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The 4th of July foods and beverages I ingest contribute to my vibrant health.

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