SFL RecipesVegan.com making vegan easy is this weeks featured recipe site found in the Slender For Life™ Recipe Library. Not only does Vegan.com have great recipes, they offer a variety of healthy lifestyle guides, tips, reviews, videos, shopping and a newsletter that I just subscribed to. You will find many excellent resources like The Ultimate Vegan Guide. Even if you aren’t interested in more recipes, Vegan.com is a goldmine of plant based resources to support your healthy living lifestyle.

One of the benefits of Vegan.com is free access to the book,
The Ultimate Vegan Guide:

The Ultimate Vegan Guide

Going vegan can be terrifying, especially at the very beginning when you’re wondering what fine mess you’ve just gotten yourself into. I wrote this book to tell you everything I’ve learned from twenty years, and counting, as a vegan.

We start with a quick but thorough look at why a vegan diet makes so much sense, and I hope this information increases your motivation to become vegan. Next, we move into the heart of the book: 24 chapters devoted to everything you need to know to be vegan. We then finish off the book by visiting a vital yet neglected part of the vegan lifestyle: activism and outreach.

I hope this book increases your excitement about going vegan, and convinces you that this is a step that you’re ready to take.

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