Vegan diet may ease neuropathy painSince 1997 I have witnessed people living with diabetes ease neuropathy pain by following a vegan diet. Making the switch from the Standard American Diet that makes people fat and sick to a plant based diet is challenging for most people. When you learn hypnosis for weight loss and other medical hypnosis techniques, healthy lifestyle changes can be easy. With the guidance of their medical doctor, diabetic hypnosis clients typically reduce or eliminate diabetes medications within 3 to 6 weeks of following a plant based diet. If you are ready to get healthier with a plant based lifestyle, call or email me from wherever you live and together we will create a program to support you.

Vegan Diet May Reduce Diabetic Nerve Pain

Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine, Breaking Medical News, August 8, 2014: A low-fat vegan diet may reduce pain associated with diabetic neuropathy, according to a presentation this week at the American Association of Diabetes Educators Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla. In a randomized controlled trial of 35 type 2 diabetes patients with painful neuropathy, half followed a vegan diet and took a vitamin B12 supplement for 20 weeks, while the other half only took the supplement. The diet group showed greater improvements in some pain measures and body weight, as compared with the control group. This study demonstrates the promise of a dietary approach to diabetic nerve pain and other microvascular complications.

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