Vegan Sausages

Vegan Sausages – How fun is that?! Sometimes I just want to do something fun for a meal. There is no way that I would ever eat a processed meat sausage, hot dog or bratwurst. I’ve read far too much about how processed meat causes cancer and heart disease. So on occasion, I’ve bought plant-based brats to grill for a summer cookout, or to cook with sauerkraut or a fun dinner with the youngest granddaughters. But I’ve always been concerned about some of the words in the ingredients that I can’t pronounce. At last, I’ve found an easy to make vegan sausage recipe.

I’m looking forward to firing up the gas grill and trying out these vegan sausages. Let me know how you like them.

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Easy vegan sausages
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Easy vegan sausages

From Exceedingly Vegan: “I wanted to try another way to make vegan sausages so after some experimenting I came up with this recipe. Very easy to make and so delicious!

Sometimes you just want to be naughty and these sausages are perfect for when you are in need of some deserved comfort food. The best thing is that they have no bad ingredients in them, no preservatives, no chemicals and still very high in protein and nutrients. You can also easily freeze them and use them for other dishes later – I made bangers and mash as well with them. To give it the extra bit of taste you can also fry them on a griddle pan once they’re baked.” Click here for Easy vegan sausages 

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I love trying fun new recipes!

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