Starve cancer with a plant based dietVegan women have fewer female cancers. Many studies are reporting that vegetarians have a lower risk of HPV infection which is thought to be because of the presence of more fruits and vegetables in their diet which are rich source of all sorts of good phytonutrients. Are you one of those that is thinking, I could never or I will never give up my meat and cheese? When you learn self hypnosis it can be easy for you to end your likes and desires for the foods that make you sick and fat and create healthy desires for the plant based foods that make you healthy and slender.

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Why Do Vegan Women Have Fewer
Female Cancers?

When researchers took a bunch of women with cancer-causing strains of HPV infecting their cervix and followed them out and retested at three months and nine months while analyzing their diets, what did they find? Higher levels of vegetable consumption appeared to cut their risk of HPV persistence in half, doubling one’s likelihood of clearing this potentially cancer-causing infection.

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Are the health risks of eating eggs, chicken, fish, beef, pork and dairy products really worth it? Just because you raise your own animals and gather eggs from your own hen house doesn’t mean that it is healthy. We all make decisions that influence our health on a daily basis. Are you choosing daily to eat foods that can make you fat and sick? Or, are you choosing daily to eat pant based food that promotes your health and wellness? Is that egg for breakfast or the cheese with that glass of wine really worth increasing your risk of disease?

If you aren’t ready to give up your meat and dairy, then why not at least increase your consumption of vegetables and whole grains? Hypnosis can help you do that.

Learn self hypnosis and discover how easy it is to eat lots of plant based food.

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