Vegetarians and HPV Seattle hypnosis helpVegetarian women appear to have significantly lower infection rates with HPV than women who consume meat and dairy products. Most young women get infected with human papilloma virus, the cause of cervical cancer, but most are able to clear the infection before the virus causes cancer. When you learn self hypnosis at Seattle hypnosis or Bainbridge hypnosis, it can be really easy to give up that cheeseburger for plant based food.

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Why Might Vegetarians Have Less HPV?

Most young women contract HPV, but most don’t get cervical cancer because their immune systems are able to clear out the virus. 70% of women clear the infection within 1 year and more than 90% within 2 years before the virus can cause cancer, unless you’re immunocompromised or something.

Well if that’s the case, maybe those with particularly strong immune systems might clear the virus even faster. That’s what may behind this new study that found vegetarian women appeared to have significantly lower infection rates with HPV, one of many studies reporting that vegetarians have lower risk of HPV infection thought to be because of the presence of more fruits and vegetables in their diet which are rich source of all sorts of good phytonutrients.

So for example if you take a bunch of women with cancer causing strains of HPV infecting their cervix and follow them out and retest at 3 months, and then 9 months while analyzing their diets, what do you find? Higher levels of vegetable consumption may cut the risk of HPV persistence in half, double one’s likelihood of clearing this potentially cancer-causing infection. And “higher” levels just meant like 2 or more servings a day.

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