AP writer Alex Dominguez had a story on December 20, in the Seattle PI about obesity and kidney transplants. Very obese people who need a kidney transplant are far less likely to get one than normal weight people, and when they do, their wait is an average of a year to 18 months longer, a new study found.

The reason seems to be both economic and medical. Very obese people have a greater risk for complications, and the transplant centers often must bear the additional cost of treating those problems.

The study showed that morbidly obese patients – those who average about 100 pounds over their ideal weight – were 44 percent less likely to get a transplant than normal weight patients. Those just slightly less obese were 28 percent less likely to get a transplant, the researchers found.

The results also mean very obese patients are more likely to die; each year about 8 percent of all patients waiting for a transplant die.

Unfortunately health is not a motivator and so chances are that most obese people waiting for a transplant will die rather than change their eating and exercise behaviors and lose weight.

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