Pain Reduction

The Human Phontonics Laboratory at the University of Washington has developed virtual reality pain reduction. I jumped up and down with excitement when I read this. Virtual reality pain reduction is exactly what I have been doing with hypnosis over the past 22 years.

Using hypnosis, I guide you to a virtual reality where your attention is focused on feeling comfort, relaxed and joyful. I teach you self-hypnosis and the mindfulness tools that allow you to reduce or eliminate the suffering from pain and increase your level of comfort.

If you are living with pain, give me a call at 760-219-8079 or send me an email. I am happy to meet with you at my Palm Desert Hypnosis office or worldwide online from your home, office, hotel, hospital or rehab bed, RV or wherever you may be.

Pain Reduction

Comfort Scale

You may know all about the traditional Pain Scale. Well, my colleague and friend Kelley T. Woods introduced me to this Comfort Scale and gave me permission to share it with you.

So from now on, instead of focusing on the level of suffering you experience, focus on increasing your level of comfort.

You can download a copy of this Comfort Scale for yourself by simply clicking on the image.

Virtual Reality Pain Reduction

SnowWorld, developed at the University of Washington HITLab in collaboration with Harborview Burn Center, was the first immersive virtual world designed for reducing pain. SnowWorld was specifically designed to help burn patients. Patients often report re-living their original burn experience during wound care, SnowWorld was designed to help put out the fire. Our logic for why VR will reduce pain is as follows. Pain perception has a strong psychological component. The same incoming pain signal can be interpreted as painful or not, depending on what the patient is thinking. Pain requires conscious attention. The essence of VR is the illusion users have of going inside the computer-generated environment. Being drawn into another world drains a lot of attentional resources, leaving less attention available to process pain signals. Conscious attention is like a spotlight. Usually it is focused on the pain and wound care. We are luring that spotlight into the virtual world. Rather than having pain as the focus of their attention, for many patients in VR, the wound care becomes more of an annoyance, distracting them from their primary goal of exploring the virtual world.

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University of Washington

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