This waking trance, or learning trance is a technique that I teach to almost all clients and I frequently teach it to the audiences when I am doing any public speaking. I first learned it years ago when I lived on Maui from one of my Hawaiian teachers. She told me that the Hawaiian term for this is “Hakalau.” This is an eyes open hypnosis trance that you can use in many situations. You can take the suffering out of your life with this waking trance and it is perfect to use anytime you are feeling stressed or upset. And, it’s the perfect technique to use in any relationship when you really want to listen and truly hear what is being said. You can easily learn how to hypnotize yourself using this technique. I also teach this to and other self hypnosis tools to students of any age to improve their academic performance.

Waking Trance

From Becoming Slender For Life
“I also teach a Waking Trance or Learning Trance, a simple form of eye fixation described by James Braid in the 1850s. Using this technique alters your physiology, taking you out of stress, anger, fear and/or depression and may synchronize the left and right hemispheres of your brain. This waking trance also works wonders at ending the Siren’s song of the chocolate, cookie or whatever food is calling out to you.

Instructions: Pick a spot on the wall above eye level that you can gaze at, so that your eyes have to go up. As you do this now, just let your mind relax. Notice that in a matter of moments, as you focus on that single spot, you can allow your awareness to expand outward into the periphery. Notice you can begin to see things in the periphery. In fact, you are sharply aware of the things on the left side of your peripheral vision … and now, the things on the right side of your peripheral vision … as you stay focused on that spot. You can now move your eyes around while staying in peripheral vision with a slightly upward look. (Refer to CD 2, Track 6 of the Becoming Slender For Life audio CD set to listen to this exercise.)”

Becoming Slender For Life, second edition, page 118

This waking trance is a right brain activity. It works perfectly for creative activities like painting, writing and music. It does not work well for left brain activities such as proof reading or balancing your check book. If you are a runner, this is the perfect tool for you. Anytime you realize you are suffering while running (or any other time in your life) go into peripheral vision. Your run will be over before you know it.

If you are suffering, feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious depressed or any other negative emotion, use this waking trance. You will soon have breath and feel calm and relaxed.

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