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In Living with duality, I wrote, “Being your Best Self means that you acknowledge your thoughts and emotions and that you allow yourself to feel what you feel and either move through it or walk with it.”

While in my mind, moving through an emotion or walking with it are synonymous. I’m really coming to the opinion that walk with is a gentler and kinder mindset.

When you experience anger, hurt, fear or sadness, I think that you move through it by walking with it. When I walk my dog, I am walking with her. Together we move through our community.

Once you are walking with an emotion, the goal isn’t necessarily to get past it. Wayne Dyer said, “When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.”

While walking with someone, you have the opportunity to become friends and to enjoy the journey.

In those times of the duality of being your Best Self and also experiencing emotional upset, you have the chance to befriend the emotion – to make peace with it. This does not mean you should be angry all the time, it means that you can acknowledge the circumstances that caused the emotion and make peace with it.

So rather than judging or fighting emotional upset, be the Greatest Expression of You and walk with your feelings and make peace with them. Enjoy your journey of becoming your Best Self.

Walk with

Becoming the Greatest Expression

Becoming the Greatest Expression of You is a series of posts that I began on March 20, 2016. One day I hope to turn them into a book.

I love receiving your feedback. Please let me know your own thoughts on the Greatest Expression of You and how you have benefited using this process.

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I walk with my emotions and I am at peace.

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