Walking with Balance and Awareness ~ MS Hypnosis MP3 downloadWalking with Balance and Awareness is this weeks hypnosis MP3 download for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) found in the Hypnosis Health Info Store. The benefits of using hypnosis to improve immune function are well documented. Studies show that hypnosis for Multiple Sclerosis is effective for MS-associated symptoms, including anxiety, pain, and insomnia. Hypnosis is not a cure for MS, but it can be a way of managing changes, both physical and how you feel as a person. If you are living with MS or other autoimmune disease, cancer, diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia or chronic pain, call or email me and find out about hypnosis help for you.

Walking with Balance and Awareness

Your knees and ankles enjoy a happy, healthy wonderful spring to your step. What you once took for granted is now restored and a pleasure to walk naturally. Your knees, ankles and all muscles within your entire body have a happy, healthy spring with easy, strength and correct balance. Walking with comfortable, steady and well balanced steps … at a pace that supports your excellent balance. Length: 31:42
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Hypnosis for Multiple Sclerosis can help you to improve your health and your life. Click here for other MS hypnosis MP3 downloads.


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I walk with comfortable, steady and well balanced steps
at a pace that supports my excellent balance.

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