Since I first began my Seattle hypnosis office back in 1997 I have had many Slender For Life™ weight loss clients (both women and men) tell me that they want to lose weight to have a better sex life. Everyone has had their own reason but in most cases sex turned out to be a great motivator. Maybe it’s not sex that you are looking for, maybe you just want to feel better about people you love wrapping their arms around you to give you a hug. What ever your reason may be, hypnosis for weight loss can really make a difference. My book, Becoming Slender for Life and its hypnosis CD set can support and guide you on your journey to lose weight.

Psychology Today has an interesting article titled Sex and Weight by Michael Castleman:

Many people who want to lose 10 pounds (or more) enjoy sex. But the few studies that have focused on sex and weight loss agree that losing weight improves sex. This might motivate some to start or stick to a weight-loss program, but few doctors and weight-control experts mention it.

At Duke’s weight loss center, a 44-year-old man shed 47 pounds. “To my utter amazement and the delight of my girlfriend, I was suddenly imbued with the sexual energy of a 20-year-old lifeguard.” Comments like his prompted Duke staff to survey the sexual effects of weight loss on 70 men, average age, 42. Moderate weight loss [eight to 30 pounds] significantly improved their libidos and sexual satisfaction.

Brown University researchers surveyed the sexual frequency and satisfaction of 32 obese women at the start of a weight-loss program. The women lost an average of 56 pounds. In a subsequent survey, more than half reported greater sexual frequency and satisfaction. Read Sex and Weight.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to lose weight, hypnosis for weight loss can help you take it off and keep it off. I know, I was overweight most of my life. Fourteen years ago I lost over 100 pounds and and I have kept it off ever since thanks to weight loss hypnosis, healthy eating and exercise.

My book Becoming Slender For Life and its hypnosis CD set can guide and support you on your journey to lose weight. You can now download sample chapters of Becoming Slender For Life.

If you live too far away from my  Seattle weight loss office then together you and I can create a phone and internet program for your needs.

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