What do you want to ask Roger?

So what do you want to ask Roger? So far, there are 61 Ask Roger posts. In November 2016, I began posting some of the questions I receive each Wednesday in a blog post that I call, Ask Roger.

The questions that you ask me in emails, phone calls and face-to-face are always interesting and sometimes even exciting. I love it that I you ask me questions several times each week. Please, keep it up!

Your confidentiality is important to me. If it’s OK with you will only use your first name and the city or country that you call home. If you don’t want your name or location used, that’s OK too. Just tell me and I won’t use your name.

Again, what do you want to ask me? Please email me your questions for Ask Roger.

What do you want to Ask Roger?

I am on vacation and will return to the office on February 14, 2018. Feel free to leave me a voice mail or send me an email .

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