Over the years I have witnessed how relaxing with hypnosis can help women seeking to get pregnant. Daily life stress as well as the stress of becoming pregnant and the fears of parenthood can all interfere with fertility. Self hypnosis is the perfect stress reduction technique for anyone, and especially for any women wanting to become pregnant. Using the Light Switch self-hypnosis technique is an easy way for you to learn how to hypnotize. You don’t have to be thinking of having a baby to use hypnosis. From my perspective, everyone should be taking advantage of hypnotherapy and using self-hypnosis to manage daily life. So, if you want to become pregnant or not, I have a free hypnosis MP3 for you to use to relax called Orange Blossom. Get it now and Relax!

Here is what Reuters had to say on October 19, 2009, about relaxation and pregnancy. Old-fashioned, common-sense advice to just relax may actually work to help some women get pregnant, doctors reported on Monday.

Alice Domar, who runs a fertility center in Boston and also works at Harvard Medical School, found that women who took part in a stress management program while having a second round of assisted fertility treatment had a 160 percent greater pregnancy rate than women getting IVF alone.

This study shows that stress management may improve pregnancy rates, minimizing the stress of fertility management itself, improving the success rates of IVF procedures, and ultimately, helping to alleviate the emotional burden for women who are facing challenges trying to conceive.

It’s clear based on this carefully designed study, that a holistic approach to infertility care leads to better outcomes for patients, said Dr. R. Dale McClure, president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.” Read Want to get pregnant? Just relax in it’s entirety.

Hypnotherapy and stress management go hand in hand. Relaxing with hypnosis is really quite easy to do, especially when you use the Light Switch self-hypnosis technique. So learn how to hypnotize (which is easy to do) and put self-hypnosis to work for you. I use hypnosis frequently throughout each day to manage how I respond to stress. If you haven’t received your copy of Orange Blossom, get it now. It’s my free hypnosis MP3.

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