The second season of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution begins tonight on TV and is a must watch show for anyone interested in stopping the totally unnecessary epidemic of childhood obesity. Did you know that it is easier to get a gun, crack or a prostitute in a lot of areas of Los Angeles than it is to get a tomato. Did you know that beaver parts are used in vanilla ice cream? I am passionate about preventing childhood obesity and believe that my job as the director of the Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis program is to support Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I have  Signed the Petition – have you?

“Why can’t we do better for our kids?”

Jamie is still asking questions about the quality of school meals, and asks LA’s parents for support to challenge the LAUSD to do better. He cooks with LA teens and uses a science class to get them thinking about what’s in their food. They tell him they’re scared for their families – they’re sadly at risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease because of the processed food they’re eating. He also dips into the powerful world of fast food and industrial ingredients.

Why American School Kids Are Flunking Lunch

If a child isn’t taught what real food is, where it comes from and how to make it into a tasty yet affordable meal, how we can we expect these kids—our future—to know what it’s doing to their bodies? They are likely to live a shorter life than their parents and die from an obesity-related disease.

Read Why American School Kids Are Flunking Lunch

Because of my commitment to putting an end to childhood obesity I am re-writing my book, Becoming Slender For Life for teenagers and then will record new weight-loss hypnosis MP3s for teens. Watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and let’s work together in ending this unnecessary epidemic.  Childhood obesity is preventable.

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I support children in learning about real food.

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