Our doctors say, “Watch what you eat,” but some research and a new movie suggest something different: We eat what we watch writes Cathleen F. Crowley in the Albany Times Union.

Disney‘s animated love story about Wall-E, a curious robot left on Earth to clean up the mess while humans blast into space to find a better home. The future world, set 700 years from now, portrays humans as fat blobs. They float around in Barcaloungers with television screens mounted 12 inches from their heads. Their chubby hands grip super-sized milkshakes, and food choices are dictated through TV adsand ever-present billboards from a megacorporation called Buy n’ Large.

Wow – did you see yesterday’s post, How Subliminal Advertising Tries To Make You Fat?

“They deserve credit for just saying this could happen. This is the direction things could go if we continue in this way,” said Dr. Michael Rich, director of the Center on Media and Child Health in Boston, which studies the media’s influence on the nation’s obesity epidemic. Decades of research have shown that the more hours you spend in front of the TV, the more likely you are to be obese.

It’s not the sedentary nature of television watching that causes weight gain; it’s the exposure to advertising and the food mindlessly consumed while watching, according to the experts.

“In part, the advertising is so effective that you find the more people watch TV, then those individuals’ diets are more likely to reflect what they see advertised,” said Dr. Barbara Dennison, director of the Bureau of Health Risks Reduction at the New York State Department of Health. “In other words, advertising is successful.”

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Are you watching what you eat? Tell me how you are doing that.

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