Roger before hypnosis: 260 pounds

This weeks hypnosis MP3 download is Weight Control. For the first time, selected individual tracks from the Becoming Slender For Life Audio Reinforcement System are now available. Weight Control is one of the popular signature tracks used by Slender For Life™ clients. If you are ready to lose weight and want to keep it off, this hypnosis MP3 download is for you.

Weight Control

This track really kicks into gear getting you to focus on healthy food choices, eating consciously and stopping eating when your body tells you it has enough food. You have more control over the way you think, over the way you feel, over the way you behave and over your eating habits. Day after day, you find it easier to eat only those foods that are nutritious for your body, for your health. Day by day, you find it easier to change your eating habits. Length 33:30

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Roger after hypnosis: 149 pounds

I lost over 100 pounds with hypnosis, healthy eating and exercise. Now you can too by kicking healthy food choices int gear with Weight Control MP3 download.

Slender for Life™ combines modern nutrition with advanced weight loss hypnosis. You become self-reliant, disciplined, stay motivated and in control. You release weight quickly, safely and sensibly.

 Becoming Slender For Life is now available in both paperback and ebook formats. You can also purchase the entire Becoming Slender For Life hypnosis CD  set.

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I’m kicking healthy food choices into gear.

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