I think that with weight loss as well as with other goals, it is important to acknowledge our success and to say “thank you” to ourselves and to those who have supported us. Recently, a former Seattle weight loss client wrote a thank you to me on a public forum. This young man is now 16 and as I recall he was about 12 when he and his parents came for weight loss hypnosis. I was thrilled to read about his success. Later that same morning, a Bainbridge Island weight loss client came into my office with clock that he had made as a gift for me. The clock is made from a dogwood that had fallen in his yard and he and his wife wanted to thank me for the success that they have achieved.  I was deeply touched by both the public forum comment and by the gift of this beautiful clock for my office and I was excited to hear these clients acknowledge their success.

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Give yourself the credit

So exactly how do you maintain your ideal weight? All too often, the goal is to reach a certain number on the scale without regard for what comes next. Some people reach their goal and then go celebrate with a food binge! For those who have been overweight most of their lives, they have no concept of what life will be like now that they’ve attained their ideal weight.

Maintenance is taking all the work that went into achieving your goal and then building on that. Regression occurs when you go back to an earlier phase of your change process. Deciding to stop overeating is not enough to overcome it for good. You see, all negative habits become our friends—even, in many cases, our lovers. They play important, sometimes dominating, roles in our lives. It’s really easy to slip back into old habits and not even realize it until the clothes no longer fit.

I am continuously astounded at how many people find success difficult to accept, and their tendency is to attribute their success to others—God, a spouse, or even to me as their guide. By not accepting responsibility and credit for liberating yourself, you undermine your self-confidence, your self-esteem and your commitment. If you think others are responsible for your success, how can you maintain it yourself? Maintenance is not a time for criticizing yourself for having had weight problems. Instead, it’s a time for taking both credit and responsibility for the changes you made.

Becoming Slender For Life (page 219)

I love it when I hear from former Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss clients. Their Slender For Life™ success stories touch my heart and that makes my job even more fun.

As much as we love to positive feedback from others, it is more important to acknowledge ourselves. So take a moment right now and acknowledge your success.

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I acknowledge my success.

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