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I’m frequently receiving requests for weight loss for arthritis. At Seattle Weight Loss Hypnosis with Roger Moore I often hear, “It’s a miracle! I wouldn’t care if I didn’t lose weight. I am just so thankful that I no longer hurt like I used to.

That is a typical statement that weight loss hypnosis clients tell me with in the first couple of months of our working together. I love hearing that!

With hypnosis for weight loss, you can have long lasting weight loss. I know because I lost more than 115 pounds about 22 years ago and I have kept it off.

Some of the many weight loss benefits for me personally is that I no longer have arthritis swelling and inflammation, my blood pressure is a healthy normal and I am no longer pre-diabetic.

Weight loss for arthritis can offer you many other health benefits as well.

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The Gerontologist, Volume 55, Issue Suppl_2, 1 November 2015, Pages 53: “Weight loss is commonly recommended as a management strategy for arthritis.

In preliminary findings, participants thought weight loss would help improve mobility or function, pain and overall health. Most participants had previously attempted to lose weight, primarily through commercial weight loss programs.

However, most participants thought weight loss “doesn’t work” because they were unable to maintain it. Salient barriers to weight loss included a lack of motivation, emotional eating, depression, deprivation, social events, cooking for others and a decreased ability to exercise due to arthritis.

Overweight individuals with arthritis recognize the importance of weight loss but are doubtful of long-term success.”

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The Gerontologist

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