If you truly want to curb your cravings, ditch the diet pills and hop on the treadmill. Contrary to the canard that says workouts make you eat more, a forthcoming Chilean study demonstrates that exercise actually suppresses appetite, naturally enabling you to eat 330 fewer calories a day!

Researchers had 15 overweight and obese men and women exercise (treadmill or bike) for 20 minutes, three days a week. After three months, the subjects had reduced caloric intake by an average of 16%, without even trying. The magic factor appears to be an exercise-induced 244% increase in a certain appetite-suppressing protein in the blood. As a result of consuming fewer -– and burning more -– calories, all study participants enjoyed a dramatic drop in weight, blood pressure and body fat.

Activity can help weight-loss efforts in other ways as well. Japanese researchers found that heavy exercise may dull your sweet tooth. Exercise builds muscle mass which in turn increases your metabolic rate. Exercise plus diet appears to be the winning formula for weight loss: Study subjects who got active and ate less dropped 20 pounds, versus 15 pounds for those who only dieted.

Make those fewer calories count by choosing fat-burning bananas, berries and grapes.

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