Do you think that weight loss has to be hard? At Slender For Life™ clients discover that with hypnosis weight loss can be easy. You too can experience the benefits of weight loss hypnosis with my hypnosis book, Becoming Slender for Life and it’s hypnosis CD set. Learn more about hypnosis for weight loss at Hypnosis Health Info with the online hypnosis tools and resources. If you are in the Puget Sound area, visit the Seattle hypnosis office of Slender For Life™.

In Weight Loss Crazy Making I told about a client who had been sharing with me about the peace and calmness she was experiencing with Slender For Life™ rather than the crazy making feelings she had experienced previously when she dieted. This week this same client came in telling me that she kept having to pinch herself because her weight loss was just too easy with Slender For Life™.  She just couldn’t believe that it was real.

I asked her if it was OK that losing weight was easy and she wasn’t sure. It was scary for her that is was easy because she wasn’t sure that it was real. Even though this woman has already released 30 pounds her fear was that it wouldn’t last because it has been so easy. Previously for this woman, as it is for most of us, dieting was hard. It seems that as humans we have a belief that in order for something to be powerful, effective and life changing, it has to be hard.

Over and over from Slender For Life™ clients I hear “this is easy.” With Slender For Life™ it really can be easy to let go of 2 or more pounds each week, get to your goal weight and maintain your ideal weight.

Does weight loss have to be hard for you? Would it be OK if it was easy for you to lose weight? It is a choice to make it hard or allow it to be easy. You can choose not to use the hypnosis tools, choose to skip meals, choose to eat pizza and drink beer and eat at McDonald’s and make it hard, or you can use the Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis and make it easy.

What is more important to you, fast foods and processed foods, or being at your goal weight? What’s more important to you, sitting in front of the TV or achieving your goal weight. It really is choice.

What excuses do you create that makes weight loss hard for you? If you are ready for weight loss to be fun and easy, then Slender For Life™ may be for you. My hypnosis book, Becoming Slender For Life and the Becoming Slender for Life hypnosis CD set provide you the tools to make weight loss easy.

Learn more about hypnosis for weight loss at Hypnosis Health Info with the online hypnosis tools and resources.

Check out Slender For Life™ and call Seattle hypnosis for your free consultation. Watch Weight Loss Crazy Making and find out that losing weight can be calm and peaceful.

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I easily let go of excess weight.

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