Weight loss and eating out

Can weight loss and eating out go together? Yes, most certainly. The more you prepare your own meals at home and eat at home, the quicker and easier it is to lose weight. Sometimes we eat out to get away and relax. And for many who travel extensively for work, eating out frequently is just part of their normal life.

Most ethnic restaurants are fairly easy to vegetables and whole grains. I am a big Mexican restaurant fan, I can get a veggie fajita, burrito or taco with brown rice and black beans. Of course, no cheese and no sour cream for me. The hotter the salsa the happier I am! In Asian restaurants I can easily find brown rice and steamed vegetables.

When I travel, I look for a Whole Foods or similar store that has a great salad bar. Be careful though, many of the selections are loaded with fatty oil, so pay attention and avoid those.

Order healthy

My approach in restaurants is that I am hiring them to cook for me so I’m not bashful about asking for what I want. Many restaurants still don’t have plant-based menu items, but they do have vegetables and they have grains, beans, potato or pasta. So I ask the wait person to have the good folks in the kitchen to use their creativity to prepare me a meal of vegetables and grains. I have had some really amazing meals that usually cost less than standard menu items. Sometimes the chef will come out and chat with us because they were so excited by their creation.

In a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in a small town I looked the menu over. I found vegetable hash that was loaded with cheese and topped withe two eggs. I ordered the vegetable hash with no cheese, no eggs and cooked on the grill dry (no oil). And, I ordered a side of salsa. Every head in the restaurant turned to see what looked and smelled so good.

I also make it a point to show my appreciation by tipping well.

When eating out, eat mindfully. Eat slowly and stop eating when your body tells you its had enough. You can almost always get two to four or more meals from that one restaurant meal. You don’t have to clean your plate. If you can’t take it home and reheat it, box it up and give it to a person who is homeless or leave it in the restaurant. You can either waste food or waist food. That is your choice!

weight loss and eating out

Eating Out Mexican

McDougall Newsletter, December 2003: “Some of our favorite Mexican eateries are the simple Taquerias – where real Mexicans eat. The food is usually cheap, clean and fast. Some of our favorite fast food chains are La Salsa, Baja Fresh, Chipolte, and Qdoba – offering both whole pinto and black beans, and lettuce and tomatoes with a variety of salsas. But there are similar chains offering counter service and cafeteria-style ordering popping up all over the world – because people like good, cheap, fast Mexican food. McDougall followers also like it fat-free and lacking animal products.” Read Eating Out Mexican

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