Weight loss exercise

Last week an online client told me about a great article that she had read about weight loss exercise. The gist of the article is to honor your body where it is right now and start small.

I love that! You don’t have to run marathons or ride a 100 miles on your bike. Maybe you sit in your chair and do leg lifts and/or standup and sit back down. Or, maybe you walk around your house (inside or outside) several times each day.

If you can, walk to the mailbox or around your block. Park your car at the far end of the store parking lot. When you can comfortably walk 5 minutes everyday, move up to 6 minutes. Start small and slowly build up from there.

Hypnosis for exercise and hypnosis for weight loss can help you to get off the couch and move. So, check with your healthcare provider and find out if getting off your couch is right for you.

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Weight loss exercise

A big thank you to the person who told me about this article and then made the effort to send me the link. I always appreciate it when people share health information with me. So please, if you read or hear a great article, or, if you have an idea for a blog post, let me know.

‘I started small’: How walking every day helped this woman lose 50 pounds

She built walking into her day-to-day life

To make sure she walked every day, Thomas, who lives in Richmond, Virginia, incorporated walking into her daily routine, like walking to the grocery store.

Thomas says she doesn’t track how much she walks or how many calories she burns. For her, walking is about getting outdoors and enjoying where your legs take you.

“It naturally builds on itself,” she says, “as opposed to shoving and pushing yourself into things that you feel marginal about.”

Read: ‘I started small’: How walking every day helped this woman lose 50 pounds

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I honor my body where it is right now.

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