At the Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis program I have always stressed the importance of weight loss education and commitment to long term lifestyle changes. Since 1996 I have had many hypnosis weight loss clients who have had bariatric or lap band surgeries and came to my Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss offices weighing more than they did prior to the surgery. For them, the only change was life long eating challenges resulting from surgery. Nothing had changed mentally and emotionally. I was excited to read about the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s approach of stressing education for overweight people and their families to make a long-term commitment to change eating and exercise habits. At Slender For Life™ I offer bariatric counseling to support you with life long weight loss.

Weight-Control Experts Stress Education, Commitment

Newswise, January 9, 2013: Genetics, economics, environment, psychology and government policies have all played roles in why, as a nation, the United States has for a generation been getting heavier. No surprise then, that controlling weight needs to be about much more than just diet and exercise.

“My job is to build a specialty program that deals with medical weight management, providing a long-term care model to treat obesity as the disease it is,’’ said Dr. Jamy Ard, co-director of the new adult Weight Management Center at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and leader of two non-surgical weight-control programs.

Ard’s approach is shared by the leaders of other weight-control programs at Wake Forest Baptist, including those for children and older adults. All of these programs stress education—not just for the people facing weight issues, but for their families, too – and long-term commitment to changed habits in addition to healthier diet and exercise practices.

“The goal is making those lifestyle changes,’’ said Fernandez, who was a classmate of Ard’s at Duke Medical School. “Obesity is a disease. Surgery is the most successful treatment, but without life modification – portion control, healthy choices and exercise – even surgery will not be successful in the long term.”

In other words, patients who have undergone bariatric surgery can put weight back on if they haven’t changed their habits.

When it comes to young people with weight problems, Dr. Joseph Skelton believes giving parents tools to raise healthier children is just as critical as working with the children themselves.

“You improve those parenting skills, you can improve the children’s weight,” said Skelton, director of the Brenner FIT (Families in Training) program at Wake Forest Baptist’s Brenner Children’s Hospital.

Read Weight-Control Experts Stress Education, Commitment

Becoming Slender For Life and its hypnosis CD set provide you the hypnosis help and education so that you can make a life long commitment to your health and weight loss goals. Seattle weight loss hypnosis and Bainbridge Island weight loss hypnosis clients and their families learn hypnosis for weight loss to create the desire to prefer plant based food and to want to exercise. Learn hypnosis and get the life changing benefits of weight loss.

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