Weight loss for seniors

I recently overheard, “weight loss for seniors? What’s the point?” Once again I was in the galley of the ferry eating my breakfast oatmeal. A large couple came and sat down at the table next to me. He had biscuits and gravy and she had a bowl of clam chowder.

They were discussing the doctors appointments that they were on their way to and the things they needed to talk about. Their two primary complaints were arthritis and  diabetes.

With a mouthful of food, the husband said to his wife, “He’ll just want us to lose weight.” He chuckled and said, “weight loss for seniors? What’s the point?”

My heart broke. I could hardly contain myself. I really wanted to say something but I hadn’t been invited into their conversation so I continued to read my book and eat my oatmeal.

As a senior citizen myself, I know what losing more than 115 pounds did to change my life. I’m active, healthy and I feel great. My young medical doctor shakes his head and giggles at me saying, “For a 25-year-old, you’re pretty healthy!”

Recently at the dentist, they asked me three times if I was sure that I didn’t take any medications. One assistant said, “No medications? That’s really unusual at your age.” (I think that was supposed to be a compliment.)

Weight loss for seniors

Weight Loss Hypnosis

My Slender For Life™ Weight Loss Hypnosis program can help you can help you to lose weight and keep it off. I’ve been helping people in their retirement years (and all ages) to lose weight and keep it off since 1997.

People, including older adults, have told me that they have gone off of all their diabetes and blood pressure medications. People tell me that they no longer suffer with the pain and stiffness of rheumatoid arthritis.

One young man in his mid-80’s recently said to me, “I am excited about what I am seeing on the scale!”

If you’ like to be excited about what you see on your scale, give me a call or send me an email. We can meet in my Seattle Weight Loss Hypnosis or Bainbridge Island Weight Loss Hypnosis offices or online worldwide.

The motivation during late life is to:
Delay Death & Disability

From Dr. John McDougall: Our “reproductive” and “productive” years are followed by our “retirement” years (mentally and physically). Our thoughts and fears turn to disability and death. One more day on the golf course or an hour playing ball with the grandchildren is worth almost any sacrifice, especially for people about to make the ultimate sacrifice. Yet people often say, “I do not fear death, I fear becoming disabled and dependent upon my children.”

The Top Ten Motivators for Seniors:

  1. Normal human lifespan is about 85 years. This means death from natural causes (not from wars, accidents, or illnesses) would happen at this age. Natural life is limited by the number of times a cell will divide over a lifetime. A “natural death” results from heart failure. Ideally this terminal event occurs silently during sleep, as the weakened heart backflows blood into the lung, filling them with fluid. The actual average lifespan, worldwide, is much shorter, at about 67 years, because of largely preventable causes.
  2. Heart attacks and stroke are the leading cause of deaths worldwide. The rich western diet is the leading cause of death in the US.
  3. The average number of medications consumed by the elderly range from 8 to 13. Sick people take medications. If you eat well, and get a little careful exercise, and some sunshine, you should expect to remain drug-free for a lifetime.
  4. Your senses of sight, hearing, smell, and taste will function for a normal lifespan (with only mild loss) by following the McDougall Diet.
  5. Impotence (erectile dysfunction) is caused by a lack of effective circulation of blood to the penis. Loss of sexual desire and performance is not simply a result of getting older, but rather what foods we choose to eat.
  6. Healthy women go through menopause without becoming afflicted with hot flashes, or mental and emotional sufferings. Menopause is a normal transition in life, not a disease.
  7. Osteoporosis is a disease primarily caused by a high-animal protein diet. However, bone mineral density (BMD) reflects reproductive status more than bone health. Women in their reproductive years store about two pounds of minerals for pregnancy and lactation. Beyond menopause there is no reason to maintain this extra depot of calcium, etc.—BMD naturally decreases.
  8. Degenerative (old-age) arthritis is a consequence of a lifetime of malnutrition due to the western diet. Joints should remain normally formed and functional for a lifetime.
  9. Dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, is due to the western diet and aluminum poisoning. You should expect to remain mentally sharp throughout your later years.
  10. The elderly have much to contribute to society. Unfortunately, their decades of book learning and gainful experiences in business, music, art, and politics are lost with retirement (age 65). The world cannot afford to lose two productive decades of every person’s life from wrong food choices.

If you do not find the proper motivation today then there is always tomorrow. The future holds many negative stimuli for those who fail to make the change. The results of continuing the western diet can be best summed up as accelerated aging. Although the clock cannot be stopped, youth can be preserved. It’s the food.

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I am excited about what I am seeing on the scale!

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