Weight loss hypnosis is a great way for you to want to focus on the new four food groups even if you don’t like vegetables. At the Seattle weight loss hypnosis office of Slender For Life™ clients focus on vegetables, whole grains and fruit. Are you ready to lose weight? Hypnosis really can make the difference. Do you have questions or concerns or just want to know more about hypnotherapy? Get your questions answered with my hypnosis course.  And be sure to get my free hypnosis download and relax with my hypnosis MP3.

Food For Life TV has another PCRM (Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine) presentation on the New Four Food Groups. Self-hypnosis and The New Four Food Groups: Focus on Vegetables ~ Part 1 was on vegetables and the different nutrients that are found in various vegetables. This Breakfast Sweet Potato Pudding is really great!

Get your questions and concerns about hypnotherapy answered with my free 8-part hypnosis course. And, remember to get my free hypnosis download and relax with Orange Blossom – its 27 minutes of hypnosis MP3 bliss.

Seattle weight loss hypnosis clients learn weight loss hypnosis as a tool to lose weight and as a tool to maintain their ideal weight throughout their life.  Not only do you not diet with weight loss self-hypnosis, you can learn to love vegetables. If you are really ready to lose weight hypnosis can make the difference between putting the weight back on, or keeping it off.

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Vegetables nourish my body.

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