The Becoming Slender for Life weight loss hypnosis CD set is this weeks featured product in the the Hypnosis Health Info Store.

I am returning home today from my vacation on Salt Spring Island. I will be in the office and available for phone and email support on Monday, September 10, 2012.


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CD4 Track 3 Emotion Trigger: This track focuses on alternative behaviors to eating your emotions.

CD6 Track 3 Stress Buster: This track is for anyone who has had a stressful day. This track is also available as separate download or as a CD.

CD6 Track 5 Weight Control: This track really kicks into gear getting you to focus on healthy food choices, eating consciously and stopping eating when your body tells you it has enough food.

CD9 Track 7 Making Friends With Your Appetite: The title says it all–eat when you are physically hungry and stop eating when your appetite says “enough, no more!”

CD10 Track 5 Slender For Life: This is the culmination of all the therapies so that you can relax, eat consciously and move your body.

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I am a strong presence in the world at my healthy ideal weight.

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