If more people use weight loss hypnosis it could also be be beneficial for cancer prevention. Here is another example of preventable behavior choices leading to disease. Reading this study saddens and angers me because I know that hypnosis for weight loss really does work. If you are overweight, visit my Seattle hypnosis office or Bainbridge Island hypnosis office of Slender For Life™. Live too far away? There is a solution. Slender For Life™ now offers a phone and on-line hypnosis program designed to meet your needs. Don’t wait for the holidays to be over, lets get your hypnotherapy weight loss program set up now.

On Friday, November 6, 2009, Reuters posted Obesity Causes 100,000 U.S. Cancer Cases. “Obesity causes more than 100,000 cases of cancer in the United States each year — and the number will likely rise as Americans get fatter.

Having too much body fat causes nearly half the cases of endometrial cancer — a type of cancer of the uterus — and a third of esophageal cancer cases, the American Institute for Cancer Research said.

Cancer is the second-leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease. The American Cancer Society projects that 1.47 million people will be diagnosed with cancer this year and 562,000 will die of it.

More than 26 percent of Americans are obese and nearly a third of Americans are overweight.
The study combined findings from American Institute for Cancer Research linking diet, physical activity and fatness with cancer risk with national surveys on obesity and cancer incidence. “We then worked out the percentage of those specific cancers that would be prevented if everyone in the United States maintained a healthy weight,” the group said in a statement.

Here are some of its estimates of cancer types that could be prevented annually if Americans stayed slender:

  • Esophageal – 35% of cases or 5,800 people
  • Pancreatic – 28% or 11,900
  • Gallbladder – 21%or 2,000
  • Colon – 9% or 13,200
  • Breast – 17% or 33,000
  • Endometrium – 49% or 20,700
  • Kidney – 24% or 13,900

In July, federal and other researchers estimated that obesity-related diseases account for nearly 10 percent of all medical spending in the United States or an estimated $147 billion a year.” Read Obesity Causes 100,000 U.S. Cancer Cases. Obesity.

In most cases, obesity is preventable by changing behaviors. According to this study, many cases of cancer could be prevented if people would lose weight. I was overweight most of my life and I know that hypnosis for weight loss can make the difference from diet mentality to really creating a new relationship with yourself and with food. Slender For Life™ is a hypnotherapy for weight loss program that has helped people reach their goal weight and maintain their ideal weight since its inception in 1990. Start cancer prevention right now and lose weight. Check out my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices. If you live too far away, then call or email me and we can develop a phone and on-line hypnosis program just for you.

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