The Becoming Slender For Life weight loss hypnosis MP3 downloads continue to receive excellent reviews. These hypnosis weight loss recordings are the same therapies found on the original Becoming Slender For Life hypnosis CD set. These MP3 downloads are designed to teach you self-hypnosis, help you create the desire and motivation to exercise, make healthier food choices and become skilled at responding to stress. With over 9 1/2 hours of listening, these recordings partnered with my book, Becoming Slender For Life can help you become and remain Slender For Life™. The Becoming Slender For Life hypnosis for weight loss MP3 downloads are this weeks featured product in the Hypnosis Health Info Store.

Here is a portion of an email that I received earlier this week
(used with permission)

Dear Roger,

Thank you for sending me the link to download the hypnosis MP3s. I love that I have them on my phone and that they are so convenient. No more looking for the CD player.

It’s been more than 5 years since I lost 83 pounds and became slender for life. The things that I learned in our individual weight loss sessions about myself and about how I abused food changed my life. Your book was a godsend and I still occasionally pick it up to read from it all these years later. About once a month I enjoyed listening to the CD’s but because of the MP3s are so easy to use I have started listening about once each week. I don’t feel that I need to listen to maintain my weight, I just enjoy them that much.

I know that I have my light switch self hypnosis and I do use it several times a day to relax, focus and energize myself, but I really enjoy listening to your weight loss recordings. They help me to center myself and to live more mindfully.

Thanks to the Skype sessions that you did with my sister she has been at her goal weight for almost 3 months. And, I talked to my neighbor this morning. She had her second weight loss session with you yesterday and for the first time in her life she believes that she can lose weight and stay at her goal.

My hope is that all of my family and friends will experience your program.

Roger, my eating was so out of control when I first contacted you. I honestly believe that Slender For Life™ saved my life. I love my slim body and I love how easily it moves.

Thanks again!

(name with held)

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I love my slim body and I love how easily it moves.

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