The Seattle weight loss program Slender For Life™ has proven success with weight loss hypnosis. Since 1990 Slender For Life™ has helped people lose weight with hypnosis. Have you considered hypnosis weight loss? If your New Years Resolution is to diet – hypnosis can be your key to success!

In the December 2008, McDougall Newsletter, Dr. John McDougall wrote a fascinating article on The Fat Vegan.  In this article he writes that: ” Old Habits Doom Vegans. Fat vegans are as terrified as anyone else of giving up their familiar protein- and fat- centered diet. In their minds, this change would be akin to starvation. How could they overcome the fear and still transition to a vegan diet painlessly? By simply replacing real animal foods with non-animal foods, that look, feel, smell, and taste the same as the original. “What’s for dinner?” Before, the answer was steak, fried chicken, pork chops or cheese pizza. Now, as a vegan, the response is “soy burgers, faux meatballs, meat substitute cold cuts, soya chicken chunks, soy hot dogs, soy mozzarella pizza, and mockduck (made with seitan).”  Instead of animal fats and proteins, fuel becomes vegetable oils and isolated soy proteins. Olive oil and Earth Balance spread replace lard and butter. Glassfuls of Elsie the cow’s milk become soy milk. For dessert: a “dairy-free decadent indulgence (ice cream)” and soy yogurt. Vegetables remain insignificant side dishes, glistening with droplets of oil.

Calorie for calorie, in terms of nutrition, the fake food is no better, and in some ways worse, than the “real thing.” Isolated soy protein causes greater calcium loss, leading to osteoporosis and kidney stones, and also produces greater increases in growth factors (IGF-1) that promote cancer and aging, than does isolated cow’s milk protein.  “The fat you eat is the fat you wear”—olive oil and Earth Balance spreads are just as unattractively worn on the thighs, hips, and buttocks, as are lard and butter.  Vegetable oils are often more cancer promoting than are animal fats.

Dr. McDougall hits the nail on the head when he says in this article that “dietary change is terrifying.” It is! For the last 12 years I have assisted people in overcoming this terror and so that they can lose weight and keep it off. The terror of dietary change is one of the reasons that diets do not work.

Is weight loss one of your New Year’s Resolutions? Hypnosis for weight loss works. My weight loss hypnosis program, Slender For Life™ offers you the opportunity to once and for all take the weight off, and keep it off. My book, Becoming Slender For Life and the Becoming Slender For Life hypnosis CD set guide you in overcoming the terror of dietary change. Call for your free Slender For Life™ consultation.

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