Seattle Weight Loss – Weight loss hypnosis can get you over your Diet Coke addiction. Not only can you lose weight with hypnosis, you can keep it off with self-hypnosis. Hypnosis for weight loss really does work. Make positive changes in 2009: End your desire for Diet Coke, lose weight with hypnosis and learn how to hypnotize yourself.

I couldn’t believe it – I didn’t even know that Diet Coke had Diet Coke plus so I was surprised to learn that the FDA is going negative on Diet Coke Plus. According to FoxNews, “The Food and Drug Administration has scolded Coca-Cola for placing inappropriate nutritional claims on its Diet Coke Plus soft drink. They say it doesn’t have enough nutrients to carry the word ‘Plus.'”

It is absolutely unbelievable to me that Coca-Cola would even consider marketing Coke as a health food – you do gotta give them credit – it was a nice try (albeit unconscionable).

I used to drink Coke everyday and then I switched to Diet Coke thinking that would be healthier – yeah right! The more Diet Coke I drank, the more Diet Coke I wanted. I had no idea about the addictive qualities of Diet Coke, nor did I understand that Diet Coke (and Diet Pepsi) trick the brain into thinking that you are still hungry – even if you have consumed more than enough calories. Thanks to the Light Switch Self Hypnosis I was able to kick the Diet Coke habit and now I have a healthy craving for water – in fact, I drink eight or more glasses of water everyday. Use self-hypnosis and make getting off of Soda one of your New Year’s Resolutions that you keep.

Hypnosis isn’t only for relaxation. Hypnosis-hypnotherapy, NLP and self hypnosis are powerful and effective ways for you to end your cravings for Coke and/or Diet Coke and create a healthy desire for drinking water. Use hypnosis for mind control – that is, controlling your own mind and take back your power – the power that you gave away to Diet Coke, food, work, family, friends, the economy ….. Use self hypnosis and take control of your health. For Hypnosis How To read Moore On Hypnosis.

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I drink eight or more glasses of water everyday.

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