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I had an interesting conversation about leadership with a Slender For Life™ weight loss client recently. She was describing her organization and her role has the CEO. This woman described excellent skills at leading her employees to their success, yet she was struggling with her success with her battle to lose weight. When I asked her how she was doing with her self-hypnosis, she sheepishly admitted that she wasn’t using it. I asked her to describe to me what she would say to an employee who was too busy to do an important task that was necessary for job performance – too busy even if it only takes one minute. At that moment it was like a light went off, she started talking about she needed to step up and be her own boss when it came to her weight loss. I shared with her a blog post from almost 4 years ago when our lab, Luna, was just a pup.

Weight Loss Leadership

July 29, 2007: As we were driving to puppy class yesterday Marilyn was describing something she had seen on The Dog Whisperer. She said that when a dog is “out-of-control” it is the the job of the leader to get their attention and get them focused on different behavior. I of course replied, “Get them out of that trance and create a new trance.”

That is what hypnosis really is: taking control of the trance that you are in. We move in and out of trance all day long. Too much of the time, we are out-of-control. Hypnosis puts us back in control. Sixty-five percent of the US population is out of control eating too much food at meals too fast and snacking on high fat and high sugar junk foods.

Last Friday one of my clients who is so excited because he is just about to drop below 300# asked if I have ever noticed what fat people put in their grocery carts. He described walking through the grocery store and Costco and looking in people’s grocery carts. I giggled as this man talked about the hot dogs, bricks of cheese, chips, sodas, sugar-coated cereal, muffins, ice cream and Snickers Bars that filled overweight people’s carts. He recognized that was his old out-of-control behavior as he looked into his cart filled with vegetables, fruit and whole grains. This client has taken the leadership role for himself. He is no longer eating from emotions or eating what everyone else is eating. He no longer lives in that old out-of-control behavior. He uses self-hypnosis to be in control of what he eats, how much he eats and ultimately his weight. He is being a leader … he is Becoming Slender For Life!

Read Weight Loss Leadership

Learn self-hypnosis and be a leader of self. You be the one in control of what you eat, how much you eat and ultimately your weight. With hypnosis, you no longer have to allow food to control you nor do you have to allow that old out-of-control behavior.

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I am the leader of myself.

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