According to the National Weight Loss Registry weight loss can be maintained with diet and exercise and studies also show that hypnosis is effective for weight loss and weight maintenance. The Seattle weight loss office of  Slender For Life™ teaches you the weight loss hypnosis tools achieve and maintain your ideal healthy weight. Learn how to hypnotize yourself and use self-hypnosis for your health and wellness.

“Resting Energy Expenditure In Reduced-Obese Subjects In the National Weight Control Registry” looked at the question, do individuals who have lost weight have slower metabolic rates than those who have never been overweight? The study found that there are no significant differences in the metabolic rates of those who had never been overweight and Registry members. This result is important because it shows that having a lower metabolic rates is not a necessary consequence of losing weight. This result also supports the idea that weight loss can be maintained primarily through diet and exercise and that weight regain is not due to problems with metabolism.

This is exciting news because it means that you do have control over maintaining your ideal healthy weight. It truly is up to you! It means that you must burn about the same number of calories that you consume. At Slender For Life™ you learn how to hypnotize yourself so that you can easily and healthfully maintain your ideal weight. My book Becoming Slender For Life and the Becoming Slender for Life hypnosis CD set teaches you self-hypnosis and other tools so that you can be in control of you. Check out Slender For Life™ and call the Seattle weight loss office (and Bainbridge Island) at 206-903-1232 for your free consultation. For information on hypnosis, read Moore On Hypnosis.

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I eat healthy, exercise and use self-hypnosis to maintain my healthy ideal weight.

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