John Hopkins Weight Management Center has a new study that says that choosing mushrooms instead of meat is a great way to cut your calorie intake. According to the report, study members ate lunch entrees loaded with meat in dishes like lasagna and sloppy Joes one week and mushroom-based meals the following week.

The meat based meals contained 420 more calories and 30 more grams of fat per meal. The great news is that the participants “seemed to accept mushrooms as a palatable and suitable culinary substitute,” according to study author Lawrence Cheskin, and they didn’t make up for the lower-calorie mushroom dishes by eating more food later in the day.

Hey guys – did you know that by swapping hamburgers for Portobello mushrooms over one year you could save more than 18,000 calories and 3,000 grams of fat?! Mushrooms also have B vitamins, vitamin D and selenium.

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