I know that I write a lot about weight loss and that I have written previously about potatoes and their nutritional importance throughout the world. International Year of the Potato, 2008 and International Year of the Potato, 2008 Part 2 talk about why potatoes are so important to feeding the world and about the health benefits of potatoes. In the Sunday, October 26, 2008, Seattle Times there is another article by Elisabeth Rosenthal, Food Scientists Eyeing Potatoes To Feed Hungry.

This article points out that the simple potato is a good source of protein, starch, vitamins and nutrients like zinc and iron. As a crop, they require less energy and water to grow than wheat, taking just three months from planting to harvest. Potatoes are easy to grow and do well even in my northern climate where the growing season is short.

Potatoes have gotten a bad rap by diets like Atkins and other high protein, low carb weight loss programs. The truth is that humans are meant to be starch eaters (see Dr. John McDougall) and potatoes are an excellent food staple for any diet. People with diabetes often are afraid of potatoes. If this is you, there is an interesting article in The McDougall Newsletter about the glycemic index.

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I enjoy eating simply.

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