Responsible for your own health

For almost 21 years, Seattle Weight Loss Hypnosis with Roger Moore has taught weight loss self-hypnosis so that you can be responsible for your own health.

My Slender For Life™ Hypnosis for Weight Loss program has helped hundreds of people to lose weight and most importantly, keep it off. And, the health benefits that people share with me a truly phenomenal.

I have long advocated for healthcare reform. And by that I mean, we each must be responsible for our own health care. That means to eat a healthy whole-food plant-based diet, exercise, drink water and get adequate sleep.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) has resulted in making people fat and sick and in the rising healthcare costs that are bankrupting the U.S.

The cost of obesity

“Obesity is one of the biggest drivers of preventable chronic diseases and healthcare costs in the United States. Currently, estimates for these costs range from $147 billion to nearly $210 billion per year.

Obese adults spend 42 percent more on direct healthcare costs than adults who are a healthy weight” Read The Healthcare Costs of Obesity.

If you are overweight, you are at increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia, autoimmune diseases, joint pain and a host of many other ailments.

Responsible for your own health

Free weight loss hypnosis consultation

Are you ready to be responsible for your own health? I can help you do that. No matter where you may live, I am happy to offer you a free weight loss hypnosis consultation.

We can meet in my Seattle weight loss office in the Medical Dental Building in downtown Seattle or in my Bainbridge Island weight loss office. Or, I am happy to meet you online anywhere in the world that you may be.

Call or email me now. Together, no matter where you may live, we can develop a weight loss hypnosis program for you.

Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Health

Michael Greger M.D. FACLM September 14th, 2016 Volume 32: “There’s only one diet that’s ever been proven to reverse heart disease in the majority of patients—a diet centered around whole plant foods. So, anytime anyone tries to sell you on some new diet, do me a favor. Ask them one simple question: “Has it been proven to reverse heart disease—you know, the number one reason you, and all your loved ones, will die?” If the answer is “No,” why would you even consider it, right? Only one diet has ever been proven to do that. That’s not cherry-picking—there’s only one cherry.

If that’s all a healthy plant-based diet could do—reverse the #1 killer of men and women—shouldn’t that be the default diet, until proven otherwise?”

Read Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Health

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My body heals and strengthens with every bite I take.

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