In the Seattle weight loss program Slender For Life™ I suggest that weight loss is a sacred journey. So often I hear people chattering away about the diet they are trying now and all the weight loss methods have failed. With weight loss hypnosis, you have the opportunity to do it differently. Get out of the diet mentality and achieve your healthy ideal weight goal with self-hypnosis. With hypnosis for weight loss you can honor your sacredness and and successfully lose weight.

If you are lucky, you have 2 or 3 people who will really support you in your weight release journey. For everyone else, DON’T TELL THEM! 65% of the US population is overweight or obese. It is abnormal in our culture to be at a healthy, ideal weight. And, just like crabs in a crab pot, as one climbs out, the others pull it back into the boiling water. All too often, as one person is letting go of weight, the overweight people around them will consciously or unconsciously sabotage them. This sabotage can be as simple as “now don’t go getting too skinny on us.” Or, “one cookie won’t hurt you.”

People will notice that you are losing weight and will say something like “wow – you look great. Have you lost weight?” Your job is to simply say “Thank you for noticing.” Your friend says, “what are you doing – what diet are you on??” You respond with “I’m exercising and eating less.” And your friend responds, “I’m doing Atkins and I lost 30 pounds this week.” At that point you congratulate them and change the subject.

If it is someone who is truly and sincerely excited for you and is overweight and would like to know what you are doing it so that they can consider it for themselves – and if it feels safe – then give them my card.

Weight loss is challenging enough without having everyone else telling you how you should do it and that you are doing it wrong. Again, I urge you, only tell those who are going to truly support you.

In my Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss offices clients successfully lose weight with weight loss hypnosis. You can achieve your ideal weight with self-hypnosis and hypnosis for weight loss is the ideal tool to honor your sacredness.

My book Becoming Slender For Life and its hypnosis CD set guide you on your sacred weight release journey.

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I honor the sacredness within me with my weight release journey.

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