Weight Loss Seattle & Childhood Obesity ~ Tip 1 of 20 For Picky Eaters

The weight loss Seattle office of Slender For Life™ continues its efforts to stop childhood obesity by offering tip 1 of 20 tips for picky eaters. Weight loss hypnosis is powerfully effective for children and their families and of course, weight loss is a family affair. And the great news is that children already know how to do hypnosis – they are naturals at it! Find out more about weight loss self hypnosis with my hypnosis download – it’s free! Visit Seattle weight loss for your no-charge and no-obligation hypnosis consultation.

Is your child a picky eater? The staff at Mayo.com says to use these practical tips to avoid mealtime battles: Tip 1: Respect your child’s hunger — or lack thereof. Young children tend to eat only when they’re hungry. If your child isn’t hungry, don’t force a meal or snack.

If you are a parent you have observed days when your kids eat very little and then there are those days that they are bottomless pits. Don’t fret! That is the way that it should be! Kids naturally know to eat when they are hungry and to not eat when they are not hungry. So don’t mess with mother nature! Drives me crazy when I hear parents demanding that their child eat when their kid doesn’t want to eat. I was recently told by one person that she had to stay at the table until bedtime if she didn’t eat.

I grew up in the clean plate club and to this day it drives my dad crazy to waste food. If its on the plate it should be eaten. The problem is that the food was waisted on me! In my book, Becoming Slender For Life, I  talk about how I grew up the fat chubby kid. I know how painful that is.

Learn about weight loss hypnosis and its benefits and help put an end to childhood obesity.

Visit the weight loss Seattle office of Slender For Life™ and discover fist hand about weight loss self hypnosis. Children have great imaginations and they pretend all the time so they really do already know how to do hypnosis. Hypnosis works so go to Seattle weight loss now. And, here is your hypnosis download – it really is free!

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I allow my kids to eat healthy foods, naturally.

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