So what does stretching, falling down and learning have to do with weight loss? As it turns out, I say a lot! When it comes to falling down with weight loss, self-hypnosis can get you back on your feet.

My gym recently started a new yoga class at 5:30 AM once each week. There are a group of us that have been working out together, some of us for years, that attend this class. It’s mostly guys my age in this class and we haven’t been the best at stretching. We pump the iron and do the cardio, but we seem to run out of time for stretching. So this yoga class is a great thing.

Last week when we were falling all over doing variations of the tree pose our instructor said it was good to fall, that we were stretching out of our comfort zones and learning. That reminded me of years ago when I was learning to ski. I realized that falling was a good thing and that I became a better skier by risking a fall.

I am reminded of some of my clients who rigidly try to follow the recommended eating strategy. And, when they deviate, they too often feel like a failure and think that they can’t be successful. My response is that they are right – they can’t follow any eating strategy perfectly forever. That’s not the point. The point is to find a healthy balance. the point is to learn from the times they fall down. The point is to learn and treat themselves with forgiveness, grace and compassion.

With self-hypnosis, clients do learn how to find balance and how to get back up and learn from the fall. Weight loss won’t be perfect … and that is OK.

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I release weight and maintain my healthy ideal weight with forgiveness, grace and compassion.

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