What do you think – weight-loss surgery or weight-loss hypnosis? My vote is for weight-loss hypnosis.  Why? Because it is safe and it works! I know. I lost over 100 pounds 14 years ago and I keep it off thanks to healthy eating, exercise and hypnosis for weight loss.

According to the LA Times, usually reserved for the most obese people, weight-loss surgery is unlikely to be a last-ditch option much longer. Technological advancements are turning it into a one-hour, incisionless procedure — making it more attractive to moderately overweight adults; overweight and obese teenagers; and normal-weight people with difficult-to-control diabetes.

A New England Journal of Medicine study published last month concluded that obesity rates would soon negate life-span gains achieved through declining smoking rates. And a report released in November from the American Public Health Assn. and other groups projected that healthcare costs related to obesity would quadruple in 10 years, accounting for 21% of healthcare spending.

Bariatric surgery, many doctors say, should be a bigger part of the solution. Read: Weight-loss Surgery May Soon Be Widely Used.

I am so convinced about weight loss hypnosis that I wrote Becoming Slender For Life .  Since 1999, I have had the joy of coaching hypnosis weight loss clients with Slender For Life™. if you are ready to lose weight, then call me or email and I will provide you with a no-charge and no-obligation consultation.

Still thinking about weight loss surgery? Then consider Hypno-Band – I will be offering it soon.

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