Justin shares about his journey of losing weight. He has been holding for awhile now – gains a little – loses a little. He tells how at one point he didn’t think that he would ever gain the weight back – but now realizes that “I don’t have a life-time pass. I can gain it back.”

Justin reminds me so much of me and my struggle with weight loss and I hear similar storites from my clients. I have talked previously about Need & Motivation and Course Corrections.

If Justin’s story sounds familiar, I invite you to my book, Becoming Slender For Life and it’s Becoming Slender For Life hypnosis audio reinforcement system which address Justin’s struggles and teach the Light Switch Self Hypnosis and shows you how easy self hypnosis is. At Slender For Life™ we use the Light Switch Self Hypnosis technique as an easy way for you to use hypnotherapy to change your eating behaviors and to create a new relationship with food. At Slender For Life™  we really do mean Slender For Life™

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I take control of me and feel like a champion. 

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