Team work is a great way to support yourself with weight loss or most any other goal you have in life. Going it alone can be tough. But, when you enlist people who truly will support you it can be that added boost you need to achieve your health and fitness goals. I have had the honor of witnessing team work in action at Health First Fitness in Forks, WA., with their Biggest Loser program. Team work is helping these women be the biggest winners! What’s helping them with their success? Hypnosis for weight loss. If you are ready to lose weight, learn hypnosis for weight loss and build a team to support you. I am happy to be a member of your weight loss team.

Want to Lose Weight? Try Teamwork

WebMD Health News, February 17, 2012: Weight loss may be influenced by joining a team. A new study shows that people who shed at least 5% of their initial body weight during a weight loss competition were likely to be on the same teams. Those who said their teammates played a large role in their weight loss were more likely to lose a significant amount of weight. The findings appear in Obesity.

Shows like The Biggest Loser often have team-, family-, or couples-based competitions that harness the power of peer influence when it comes to weight loss.

People around us affect our health behaviors. This is true for healthy and unhealthy behaviors. It could be quite beneficial if a bunch of friends that choose to lose weight make healthy food choices together, and hold each other accountable to those choices.

Team members can motivate one another to stay the course. If someone is doing really well, it could influence the whole group.

People who lost at least 5% of their body weight, which is an amount that is thought to be significant in improving health, tended to be on the same teams. Those who reported a higher level of social influence by their teammates increased their odds of significant weight loss by 20%.

Team captains lost more weight than team members. This may be because they were more motivated and engaged in the contest.

Read Want to Lose Weight? Try Teamwork

I’ve learned over the years the importance of team work for achieving my goals. Even when I don’t have an “official team” the group support of a marathon or a bicycling event like the Chilly Hilly or the STP (Seattle To Portland) bike rides give me the edge to go faster. With a team I am stronger and it makes it more fun. So what ever your health and fitness goals are, enlist support and build your team. Make sure that hypnosis for weight loss is part of your team.

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