Weight loss tips

I am frequently asked for weight loss tips for Thanksgiving. And yes, you can lose weight and still enjoy this annual tribal feast with your family and friends.

Having said that, maybe you want to focus on weight maintenance over the holiday. There are so many variables that will influence your decision.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Are you having Thanksgiving in your own home?
  2. Are you having dinner at the home of a family members or friends?
  3. Are you traveling for several days and will you be eating meals in airports and restaurants?
  4. Are you spending several days in a hotel and eating all your meals in restaurants?
  5. What is your goal for your weight over the holiday?

There is nothing wrong with going through the holiday weekend and maintaining your current weight. You don’t have to gain weight just because it’s Thanksgiving.


Here are some possible solutions to support you through the holiday:

  1. If you are having Thanksgiving at home, eating healthy can be easy. We will have the traditional turkey on the table for the guests who want turkey. And, in addition to the Stuffed Pumpkin, we will have several plant-based vegetable & grain dishes for people to choose from.
  2. If you are having Thanksgiving at someone else’s home, a couple of healthy plant-based dishes to share. Make these the primary food you eat at the feast.
  3. At airports and restaurants, eat salads and other plant-based meals. Remember it’s OK to ask for your food your way. I love burrito bowls in the airport filled with brown rice, veggies and the hottest salsa they have.
  4. If you are going to be traveling for several days and eating all of your meals in restaurants, weight maintenance can be great success.
  5. Be clear on your goal. If you are eating your own food in your own home, you can release weight over the holiday. If you are going to be traveling for several days, focus your goal on weight maintenance. 
Weight loss tips

Most importantly

  1. Stay focused on your weight goal. Ask if this store bought pumpkin pie is really worth gaining wight or is this Grandma’s homemade crust and pie?
  2. Make sure you stop eating at a 5 or 6 on that scale of 0 – 10 – and that includes the pie.
  3. Remember that you enjoy the special holiday foods like pumpkin pie at the tribal feast. You do not eat pumpkin pie for the next 3 days for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  4. Get out and move. Walk in the airports. Take family members on a walk before or after the Thanksgiving meal.
  5. Use Mary’s Diet for a few days before and after the Thanksgiving holiday to balance out the added fat, salt and sugar that comes with Thanksgiving.
  6. Remember that you are there to express your gratitude and to commune with family members and friends. Thanksgiving is not about how much food you can consume and how fast you can consume it. Eat slowly and mindfully. Savor every morsel. Listen, laugh and talk.

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