I was so touched the other night when I turned on CNN Thanksgiving night for a few minutes and Anderson cooper was featuring Linda Fonderen as a CNN hero. Linda Fonderen gets it. Obesity is so commonplace it has become normal. Clients from the Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss offices of Slender For Life™ get it too. They realize that health care reform begins with them and that with hypnosis for weight loss they can take charge of what they eat, how much they eat and ultimately their weight. Slender For Life™ clients use weight loss hypnosis for motivation to eat healthy and to exercise. Learn hypnosis and shape up for your health.

Shaping Up A City In The Nation’s Fattest State

Linda Fondren wants to move her state from the fattest to the fittest. For the last four years, she has led her hometown of Vicksburg in its battle with the bulge. Fondren remembered how her sister had been too embarrassed to exercise in a gym with men. So in June 2006, she opened an all-female workout facility, Shape Up Sisters. The gym was a success — it now has more than 600 members — but Fondren eventually realized that she needed to expand her reach if she wanted to slim down her community.

She says part of the problem in Vicksburg is that being overweight is so commonplace it is often considered the norm. “Most people … they do not know that they have a weight problem because we live in an environment where everyone almost looks the same,” she said.

So in October 2009, Fondren kicked off Shape Up Vicksburg. The initiative challenged residents to lose weight while giving them the tools they needed to reach their goal. Fondren held free fitness and nutrition classes across the city and convinced many of the city’s restaurants to add healthy items to their menus. Participants could track their weight loss online or at weigh-in stations at Wal-Mart and the local medical center.

“People want to do good, but they need help,” Fondren said. Approximately 2,500 people joined Fondren’s movement, and over 17 weeks they shed, on average, more than 5 pounds each. To date, residents have lost nearly 15,000 pounds.

Today, Shape Up Vicksburg includes a walking club, which draws up to 200 people, and a weekly nutrition class. Fondren’s gym is also open to all women every Saturday, and she frequently teaches fitness classes at area schools and churches.

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