What have we done to our kids?

childhood obesity is a family affair

we can conquer childhood obesity!

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CiambottaEven here in the desert our nights are getting cool so this Ciambotta (it's an Italian vegetable stew) sounds like it will warm your belly and light up your mouth with festival of tastes.This recipe takes about an hour so it's a great winter indoor activity...

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‘Cheesy’ Pumpkin Ravioli

‘Cheesy’ Pumpkin RavioliI love anything squash and that certainly includes pumpkin so this ‘Cheesy’ Pumpkin Ravioli jumped out at me. I'm a little disappointed that they didn't include a sauce recipe, but I'm sure it will be good with the sauce we conjure up when we...

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Weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss plateau Have you hit a weight loss plateau? If you have, it may be because you are dieting. Dieting foils your attempts to lose weight. When food intake is reduced, your metabolic  rate is lowered to stave off starvation. Then you hit a discouraging...

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Stuffed Pumpkin 2019

Stuffed Pumpkin 2019Halloween is next week so of course it's time to be thinking about Stuffed Pumpkin in 2019. This is a fun and delicious meal that is good for any fall occasion. And if you think that you've seen this post before - you are right. I've posted it...

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Meditation instead of detention

Meditation instead of detention Meditation instead of detention only makes sense. Over the years I've taught hypnosis, mindfulness and meditation to many school age kids. Often these kids were acting up in school, and frequently labeled ADD/ADHD. My approach was that...

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Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potatoes

Mediterranean Baked Sweet PotatoesI'm a fan of sweet potatoes so this Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potatoes is now on my fall list of meals to make. It seems like a delicious and simple pleasure.Actually, this could be a side dish but I'm thinking that with a salad this...

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Childhood obesity and animal protein

Childhood obesity and animal protein There have been numerous studies that link childhood obesity and animal protein. Other studies have demonstrated that poor conditions during pregnancy are generation-spanning and may help shed some light on the explosive epidemics...

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Roasted Broccoli Peanut Noodles

Roasted Broccoli Peanut NoodlesYou know I like quick and easy delicious meals so that Roasted Broccoli Peanut Noodles called out to me. And, I do love a good Asian meal, especially if it has peanut sauce. And, based on comments in the recipe, I'm sure that I will...

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