What have we done to our kids?

childhood obesity is a family affair

we can conquer childhood obesity!

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Pumpkin Apple Stew

Pumpkin Apple Stew Pumpkin Apple Stew - WOW! I love pumpkin and I love apple - so imagine my interest in this fall plant-based stew. I love the fact that it is simple and only 15 minutes to prep it. Instead of a glug of olive oil I'll use a tich of water to sauté the...

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Minestrone soup

Minestrone soup This Minestrone soup looks easy and delicious which is what I'm all about in the kitchen. I love great whole-food plant-based meals and soup is one of my fall and winter favorites. Please let me know how you like this Minestrone soup. Do you have a...

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Who has the healthiest BMI?

BMI The research continues to demonstrate that people who eat whole plant-based food have the healthiest BMI. The research also continues to show that meat-eaters have the highest rates of diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease and cancer. I've never been a big...

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Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Peanut Butter Granola Bars My ears perked up when Karen told me about these Peanut Butter Granola Bars. They sounded healthy and delicious.Karen went home and promptly emailed the recipe to me. I read the description, “crunchy, toasty, and full of peanut-buttery...

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Chicken consumption and weight gain

Chicken consumption and weight gain The other day I was listening to a fitness trainer talk about nutrition and I recalled this post from Michael Greger, M.D., about chicken consumption and weight gain. This fitness trainer was trying to convince me about the need for...

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Obesity is stoppable

Obesity is stoppable Your obesity is stoppable with Seattle Hypnosis for Weight Loss with Roger Moore. Since 1997, I've been helping hundreds of people to lose weight and keep it off. I was overweight and obese most of my life. It was about 26 years ago...

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Kidney bean and lentil dal

Kidney bean and lentil dal I'm a big fan of Indian food so this Kidney bean and lentil dal recipe excited me. In many ways, it reminds me of chili - just with different spices. I'd love to hear your feedback on this Kidney bean and lentil dal recipe. And, if you...

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