Weight Watchers has teamed up with McDonald’s to help people lose weight.  But the idea that all food can be part of a healthy balanced diet does seem to me to be “one nugget short of a Happy Meal“! The Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss offices of Slender For Life™ promotes eating real food and believes that vegetables, whole grains and fruit can be served fast and inexpensively. Don’t think that you can give up the fat, convenience and price of a Big Mac and fries? Well, consider weight loss hypnosis – it really can make the difference between a diet and living your life, Slender For Life™.

Nutritionists, not surprisingly, were shocked at the announcement. The idea of eating at McDonald’s to lose weight seems a bit ridiculous, and anyone who believes that eating Chicken McNuggets will cause you to lose weight is arguably one nugget short of a Happy Meal. Sometimes you just have to point out the stupidity of these things, even at the risk of offending someone who has convinced themselves that eating more Chicken McNuggets is their ticket to a slim, fit and sexy body. Read McDonald’s Partners With Weight Watchers.

I realize that this is old news, but wouldn’t it be great if fast food restaurants really started offering healthy meals that are fast and affordable? I really do believe that it can be done. So I again urge you to vote with your wallet and stay away from fast food, processed food and junk food and eat a balanced diet of real food – vegetables, whole grains and fruit.

I did the Weight Watcher’s point counting – drove me crazy! I admit that as long as I counted points, I lost weight – but as soon as I stopped counting, I gained more weight than I lost.

Are you ready to lose weight? With Slender For Life™ you learn hypnosis and other tools so that you really can life your life at a healthy, ideal weight – without counting points! So put weight loss hypnosis to work for you and discover that healthy food can be easy, fast and affordable. Obesity is for the most part a behavioral lifestyle choice that can be changed with self-hypnosis.

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