Welcome to 2020!

I welcome you to 2020! It’s hard to believe that it was already 20 years ago that we fretted about Y2K. And, as I have often times said, most of what we fret about never happens.

So rather than worrying about what might happen, why not focus your energies on creating the future that you want?

2020 can be an amazing year for you to step out of your fears and out of your past into a limitless and wonderfully fulfilling future. The real question is will you allow your future to be limitless and wonderfully fulfilling?

Welcome to 2020!

Happy Holidays!

I am out of the office for the Holidays. I (and my regular posts) will return January 6. I will be checking voice mail and emails and will respond to them as I can.

I wish each of you the Happiest and Joyous Holidays!

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I create my future to be limitless and wonderfully fulfilling.

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