A new study shows that Western fast food is tied to an increase risk for heart disease and diabetes in Asia. When I read this I thought about the addictive qualities of our fast foods and I thought of people I know who are eating fast food meals almost every day. I talked with someone the other day who didn’t know if he could handle “all the restrictions” for weight loss. I explained to him that it is not about restrictions – it’s all about creating new habits. That’s what we do in my Seattle weight loss hypnosis and Bainbridge Island weight loss hypnosis offices is create new habits. It really can be easy to never eat at McDonald’s again.

Western Fast Food Tied To Heart Risks In Asia

Reuters, July 22, 2012: Even relatively clean-living Singaporeans who regularly eat burgers, fries and other staples of U.S.-style fast food are at a raised risk of diabetes and more likely than their peers to die of heart disease, according to an international study.

But Asian fast foods, such as noodles or dumplings, did not bear the same risk, the study published in the journal Circulation said.

Many cultures welcome Western fast food because it’s a sign they’re developing their economics. But while it may be desirable from a cultural standpoint, from a health perspective there may be a cost.

Those who ate fast food two or more times a week had 27 percent greater odds of diabetes and 56 percent higher risk of cardiac death than those who ate little or no fast food, the researchers found. Among 811 subjects who ate Western-style fast food four or more times a week, the risk of cardiac death rose by 80 percent.

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